I worked as coal miner for 9 years driving heavy machinery. After years of shift work and stress, the wheels came off and my body fell apart. I woke up one day with stress, anxiety and depression so bad I couldn’t leave my room. I’d never felt anything like this before and it came as a massive shock. Panic attacks followed and the inner pain so bad I can’t even describe it.

After many trips to the doctors, my results came back and I had an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). After lots of reading, research and curiosity, I was lucky enough to stumble across the caveman diet (paleo). Within a few weeks of starting to eat a more nutrient rich wholefood diet, my health dramatically improved. My thyroid was healing.
As I started to improve more and more, I realised getting back to basics and focusing on the simple things were really important for me. Kicking my shoes off and getting barefoot has been powerful.

Working in the mines gave me a high paying job but I was miserable. Shift work and all-nighters were shitty. It was a scary decision, but I quit my job to travel Australia. I had zero plans but to get back into nature and just immerse myself into some beautiful scenery and see where the road would take me.

I’ve had some amazing adventures and experiences in my travels. Spent large amounts of time solo in the bush, met some extraordinary people that have helped me grow. 3 years now I’ve been touring Australia full time and have decided I want to share some of the life changing experiences I have had. Helping people re-wild and connected with nature is my new purpose.

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